Samavasarana depictions : some images

       Samavasarana is an assembly hall for imparting of wisdom gained after kevalajnana by the Jina or tirthankara. This is built by heavenly beings. The word literally means equal opportunity to all to gain wisdom The tirthankara addresses all creatures . He sits on a throne but two inches above it.  Though he sits facing east it seems that he looks in all directions. He teaches Jaina philosophy is a simple and clear way, after listening to which beings become less violent and greedy.

 The ganadharas or chief disciples sit around the tirthankara.  In the later halls, the ascetics,aryikas or Jaina nuns, heavenly beings and lay women are present. In the eleventh hall men and lastly animals. Animals also can understand the discourse, so it is believed.

Samosarana Mahaviras enlightenment.jpg

Samavasarana, manuscript,15th century,Patan,Gujarat.

By Anishshah19 – 15th Century art, Public Domain,

Jain manuscript page with Mahavira teaching to all creatures, western India, c. 1500-1600, gouache on paper, HAA.jpg

Lord Mahavira teaching all creatures, manuscript,16th century, Western India, Honolulu Academy of Arts,USA,

By Hiart – Own work, CC0,

Samavasarana painting from 1800 AD Rajasthan.jpg

Samavasarana,painting, 1800, Rajasthan.

By Unknown – Painting, Public Domain,


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