About the blog

        This blog is a voyage of discovery. The world of the arts is fascinating and I started this journey long ago! Discoveries, nostalgia, depictions and stunning works are all a part of this realm. Through this blog I wish to share what I have seen, read and researched with those who have an interest and those who might find an interest in art history !

  Art history includes all that is related to creation of an artwork, the era in history, the theme, the media and techniques used, the story behind the creation, the materials used, the artists involved, the sculptors, its location, painters, the patrons and the religious, historical and social context of the creation.

  My work is in an international museum of repute and I am surrounded with amazing artifacts from all over the world. Inspiration lies around every corner and this shook me out of the ennui which sets in after getting into the humdrum of day-to- day living. Now I see a world which can be colourful, interesting and full of amazing secrets ! No doubt the challenges of living still exist with its manifold aspects but this blog helps in carrying the subject close to my heart along the way. The mind seems to have found another dimension where I, art and many forgotten artists live, talk and thrive in full measure.

Path In Woods

Join the journey online and let’s see what we might find !




Soma Ghosh